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Pancake Slitter HIT Type

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The precision slitter of 'People & Technology' is suitable for manufacturing metalized film of capacitor. This precision slitter is designed when matalized PET or Metalized OPP film is used, the web thickness is from 2 micron to 15 micron and when metalized PP, the web thickness is from 3 to 12 micron.

The web width is from minimum 300mm to maximum 930mm, this precision slitter can operate under the 3KGf tension when the work speed up to 500m/min.

Description General Specification
Web Materials PET, PP(onee and both side metalized film)
Web Thickness PET 2~10 / PP 3~12 micron
Web Width Max. 1,500 mm ~ Min. 480 mm
Slitting Width Max. 1,50 mm ~ Min. 4 mm
Machanical Speed Max. 500 m/min
Unwind Diameter 650 mm
Rewind Diameter 350 mm
Slitting System Aerial Slitting & groove Roll with Razor Knife
Winding System Dual shafts Center Sruface Winding System


Length Amplitude
Standard 2.5 ± 1.5 Standard 0.3 ± 0.2
Average 2.550 Average 0.232
N 30 N 30
Max 2.819 Max 0.261
Min 2.274 Min 0.186
R 0.545 R 0.075
σ 0.139 σ 0.023