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Pancake Slitter PSM Type

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The pancake slitter of 'People & Technology' is suitable for manufacturing printed film and laminated film. This pancake slitter no.1 is designed for from minimum 18 micron to maximum 100 micron of web thickness. The maximum web width is up to 1,200mm, and maximum working speed is 600m/min

Especially, the slitting system of pancake slitter no.1 with grooved roll system can make stable web processing and smooth slitting process, by the knife is touching between grooves of the grooved roll with steady pitch & depth of grooves.
Description General Specification
Web Materials Printed & Laminated Film
Web Thickness 18 ~ 100 micron
Web Width Max. 1,200 mm
Slitting Width Min. 20 mm
Machanical Speed Max. 600 m/min
Unwind Diameter 1000 mm
Rewind Diameter 600 mm
Slitting System Razor Knife Slitting System with Grooved Roll
Winding System Dual Friction Collar Shafts & Gap winding System